A Natural Place to Learn since 1972

Montessori Country School

About MCS

mcs_image_5At the heart of our school lies a deep love and respect for children at every stage of their development.  We believe that each child is on a path to “becoming;” it is our privilege as educators to offer every child our full support along this path.

We honor each child’s individuality, while offering an education that helps the child develop socially, emotionally, and academically.  We do this by providing a stimulating and beautiful environment in which our students feel safe to explore and make discoveries about themselves, their world, and their relationships while mastering skills that build self-confident, lifelong learners.

The parents and educators at MCS believe that children learn best in a community that is inclusive, respectful, compassionate, and filled with curiosity, and joyful discovery. We invite you to come to visit our school – we would love to share the magic of Montessori Country School with you.