A Natural Place to Learn since 1972

Montessori Country School


In 1972 our founders, Julie Rynearson and Dorothy King, opened the first Montessori school in Kitsap County.  The school opened in the living room of Julie’s Port Madison home.  In 1979 it moved to its current location on 2.5 acres on Arrow Point Drive, across the road from Battle Point Park, where Dorothy continued to provide leadership to the school.  In 1986, Dorothy King retired and her daughter, Patty Christensen, was hired as Head of School.

In 1988 the school expanded to offer a lower elementary program, which was enthusiastically received by the community.  By 1994, it became apparent that interest in MCS at both the Elementary and Primary levels was growing beyond our ability to accommodate in the existing space.  After carefully looking at the need for growth and reviewing various options, the decision was made to release the elementary program to an independent board under the direction of our elementary teacher at that time. To that end, Voyager Montessori Elementary School was founded.

In the spring of 2011, our two school boards began discussing the benefits of becoming one school community.  The consolidation of the programs became effective with the 2013-2014 school year.  MCS now governs and administers the full program, offering a strong Montessori program for infants through sixth grade students.

Our founders built Montessori Country School around the core belief that the early years are the most important years in the child’s development.  They believed that children are our greatest hope for the future, and that education should provide the opportunity for every child to learn in an atmosphere of respect, kindness, and belief in each child’s potential.  Although our founders are no longer with us, their founding principles continue to guide us.