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Montessori Country School

Our Campus

Currently our programs are on two campuses, a five-minute drive from each other.  We are in the process of working with an architect to create a campus expansion to bring both programs to our Arrow Point Drive campus as soon as possible. Read more about this exciting project and our Opening New Doors Campaign.

MCS_forestOur Preschool campus is located in a converted cedar home among four acres of woodland property across from Battle Point Park.  Our beautiful, natural environment is an integral part of our curriculum and of the children’s experience at school.  It is peaceful and abundant with native animals (deer, NW birds, rabbits) and plants (cedars, fir, and huckleberry which the children love to pick in the fall.)  The children learn about the plants and animals that surround them and take great pride in being stewards to their environment.
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The Elementary campus is on 3.5 acres on High School Road.  This campus offers two classrooms, a multi-purpose space, and plenty of room for outdoor activities.  The students enjoy a play structure, a large sports field, gardens, an orchard, and a wooded area for building forts (a favorite activity.) There are opportunities for large all-school games, smaller group activities, gardening, and outdoor picnics.  The students will, on occasion, walk with their teachers to the public library to work on their research projects.
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The Future: One Campus
When we join together, there will be classroom and playground areas specific to each age group, but there will also be opportunities to bring the levels together in structured activities.  These might include an invitation to the primary classes to be an audience to the elementary students when they put on a musical, or for a first grader to come read aloud to our preschool children or perhaps a fourth grader sharing a research project with the Kindergartners.  Battle Point Park across the street offers a trail, tennis courts, play structures, soccer and baseball fields, and open fields for group games.  There is also a trail a short distance from the school, which leads to the beach through a beautiful fern and cedar forest.  We value the close connections our students feel to the natural world.