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Montessori Country School

Parents as Partners

MCS parents and staff are clearly partners in this journey of supporting the children on their path to becoming.  We hold a common bond in our commitment to the values and goals of an excellent Montessori education.  MCS is a playground for parents as well as their children ­– as the faculty and parents work to support the children, close bonds are formed between families, students, and the staff.  Respect for one another is at the heart of all we do.  The adult community models the same values we teach in the classrooms – respect, inclusion, honesty, and a commitment to being an active participant in the community.

We believe parents are their child’s most important teachers. We are open to input and ideas – open communication allows us to work together to provide the best for the children.  Parents are encouraged to attend the parent education events and borrow from our lending library.  These are a part of our commitment to support parents in understanding the needs of children at varying stages of their development and understanding how the Montessori approach meets these needs.

Each year a Parent Participation Form is sent to every family. Filling this out gives parents an opportunity to let us know where their talents and interests lie.  It “takes a village” to run a great school and support the children. The reason for the success MCS has experienced is in large part because of the strong partnership we have with our parents. We heartily encourage parents to become a part of the school community by offering their time and talents.

Parent Association

All current MCS parents are part of the Montessori Country School Parent Association (MCSPA). The association is led and organized by the MCSPA Steering Committee, made up of officers and room representatives from each class.  Parent participation is largely facilitated by the Steering Committee. We encourage parents to become involved – many close friendships have been formed by parents working together on various projects and events for the school.