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Montessori Country School


The Montessori Country School is the most loving, nurturing and enriching educational experience your child may ever have.   The teachers and the administrators are all infused with a spirit of caring that is amazing.   Our daughter, now in second grade, and our son in his second year of preschool have flourished and grown in confidence socially and intellectually.  MCS has given them a foundation for life and learning that will serve them all their lives.  We love this school.

C.G. MCS Parent

So it’s Jan 1st of a Christmas break filled with fun, gifts, grandparents and adventures and how does the day start?  With my kindergartner asking, “Is it a school day? Why is it not a school day? When is it going to be a school day?  I want every day to be a school day!”

C.F. MCS Parent

“Country School an amazing place where children learn about kindness toward one another, respect for the earth, and their ability to make a difference in the world. At MCS, I’ve seen my son experience a real love of learning and I believe it is the best place to begin a child’s education.”

P.Mc. MCS Parent

“My brother [Rylan] is so lucky to go to MCS.  I miss it!”

T.L. MCS Alum Student, 5th grade

Here are my thoughts about THE GREATEST PRESCHOOL EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD: Just briefly, the biggest thing I remember experiencing on a deeply emotional and tangibly physical level was that with all the bustle and the worry about the latest thing for kids, the tone at MCS was always that there is time.  There is enough time, and in fact it is important to make enough time, for the kids to come to understanding on their own path, with gentle guidance.

M.Mc. MCS Alum Parent

There are dreams you have for your children that, while you know they are impossible, you nevertheless create in a little fantasy world.   For me, one of those dreams was the perfect school – a safe, sweet place in the world where learning was fun and flowers abound.  Where teachers cared so much for their students that their hug was almost (but of course not quite) as good as mine in healing a playground bruise.  A place where there was true joy at the beginning of the school year and profound sadness when the year ended.  Where there was singing, laughter, and certain magic in a book, in a letter, in an art project.  A place where my kids would hold a teachers hand and wave good-bye to me in the mornings and run into my arms in the afternoon filled with stories of the absolutely amazing things that were discovered about the world in my absence.

There are a lot of dreams you learn to let go of but, thanks to the Montessori Country School, and the absolutely amazing, loving, and thoughtful staff –  this little dream of mine becomes a reality for me and for my children every day, five days a week.  I have so cherished the time we have had with the school and as our first child prepares to “graduate” – we know that wherever she goes and whatever she does, this has been a treasured time for her and her earliest memories of school will be as close to perfect as – well – as we could have dreamed of.  Our sincere gratitude to the teachers and administration at MCS.

J.B. MCS Parent

My experience at the Montessori Country School was the foundation for my future academic success.  The Montessori system was ideal for my early education because it encouraged individual exploration.  I learned at my own pace and never felt pressure to keep up with (or slow down for) other students.  I didn’t even realize there was a continuum of achievement.  Instead I just remember the Montessori classroom as a playground of activities and my classmates as my group of friends.  The wall of books provided an endless supply of increasingly interesting reading material that I was able to enjoy at my own breakneck pace.  As a very artistic child, it was magical to have art celebrated on an equal level as all other activities.  I think it was the highly structured format of the Montessori classroom that gave me the support I needed to take greater and greater academic risks.  By the time I started kindergarten at Wilkes Elementary School, I had a head start on math and reading that made it fun and easy to excel throughout my school career.  I graduated summa cum laude from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in dance and geology.  I am now a professional modern dancer in New York.  Patty Christensen recently attended my wedding and commented that my husband and I are perhaps the first Montessori County School “couple”.  As alums, my husband and I are excited to share a highly-creative, full, inquisitive life together.

I hope families on Bainbridge realize that this is an outstanding school and that the whole community is lucky to have this educational opportunity available for their children.  By encouraging self-direction and a love of learning in the classroom, the school is helping children become active, engaged community members that will help us realize a more just and creative world.

C.A. MCS Alum Student (now 30 years old & living in New York City)

Montessori Country School is a wonderful school where the love of learning grows.  At Country School children explore many cultures around the world.  Your child will discover many new voices and make new friends.  I am how in 4th grade and I am still in touch with my Country School friends and will still remember our special time at Montessori Country School.”

E.D. MCS Alum Student, Grade 4 Wilkes

After making the decision to relocate to the greater Seattle area for my husband’s career, we immediately began exploring the best community for our family.  Bainbridge Island quickly jumped to the top for its vibrant yet quiet lifestyle, family-oriented and community-minded reputation, gorgeous setting and artsy, outdoorsy, intelligent population.

Our daughters’ education was also a crucial priority in the search for a new home.  After three great years and two happy children in a Montessori school in Portland, we are true and knowledgeable believers in the Montessori approach and feel strongly we want our girls to continue in this type of learning environment.  We were delighted to discover that Bainbridge offered both an established Montessori primary and elementary school, and on top of that, that they appealed to us immediately.

Our initial good feelings for Montessori Country School came from your web site as well as parent’s ratings.  First impressions told us the school had a rich history, dedicated and diverse faculty and staff, delighted parent community, and a lovely setting in-tune with nature.  My initial phone call with Patty also gave me a big clue that we had stumbled upon something special.  The time she took to share, listen, learn, and laugh with me during that first conversation made a delightful impression.

As is my nature, though, I still did due diligence researching numerous primary schools in and around Seattle.   Our thoughts kept coming back to MCS, however.  In the end, our school visits made the choice for us.  While a true commitment to the Montessori method seemed intact in almost all the schools we visited, we felt most joyful and inspired by Montessori Country School.  We felt an instant connection with the people, atmosphere, and mission of the school and an excitement to be a part of its future.  Most important, our children, who came with us that first time, fell quickly in sync with the environment.  Our four year old cried when we left – a rare occurrence for her, and she still talks about her 30 minutes there frequently and with longing.  Our family hopes to be a part of the MCS community soon!   (They joined the school!)

K.O. MCS Parent